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Common Types Of Dog Leashes

Leashes are a must-have thing for every dog owner. Different reactions and tensions can be created by the leash for your dog while walking it. The leash should allow your dog to walk in a comfortable position. Following are descriptions of some of the common types of dog leashes to help you to find the right one for your beloved pet.

1. Retractable dog leashes

Retractable leashes come with an adjustable line that allows your pet to decide the distance that will be maintained while walking. With these types of dog leashes, your dog will walk comfortably without running helter-skelter. Such leashes also help the dog control its walking pace. When you buy a retractable dog leash, the packaging comes with a user warning. As retractable dog leashes come with a locking mechanism, unwanted incidents can happen if the leash isn’t fitted properly. Cuts and rope burns are very common types of injuries that happen while using retractable leashes. Your pet may even experience injuries to its backs, necks or limbs. So, be careful while using them.

2. Standard leashes

Standard leashes are most common types of dog leashes used for everyday walking and basic training purposes. These are ideal for well trained dogs. A standard dog leash generally comes with a flat collar attached to it. It should fit in a proper and comfortable manner around the neck of your four legged friend. It should not be too tight or too loose. Normally, the length of standard leashes varies between 4 and 8 feet. However, the 6-feet leash is the suitable one for most dogs. These are usually made of nylon, leather or similar materials. Leashes made of chain are also available, which are ideal for dogs that tend to bite the leash.

3. Adjustable leashes

Adjustable dog leashes are almost alike to their standard counterparts, the only difference being the presence of several loops along the leash in case of the former. The loops allow the trainer or owner to grasp the leash tightly and also lengthen or shorten it, as and when required. These leashes come in various sizes. Adjustable leashes help to tie your pet to a pole or similar structure, while restricting its movement with a limited length. However, don’t forget to keep an eye on your dog while it’s tethered.

4. Martingale Leads

Martingale leads are some of the most common types of dog leashes that have multipurpose use. These can be used as leashes as well as collars. Such leashes are generally used for toy breeds in various shows. The collar part of the leash that sits around the neck tightens up when it is pulled. The leash consists of a plastic tube that helps the collar to be in the proper position.

The bottom line

Using a leash should not be a reason for a fight between you and your dog. If the dog misbehaves or tries to pull on a particular leash, you should try a different one instead to find out what suits your dog’s temperament and comfort level the best. After all, there are various types of dog leashes available in the market these days, from which you can take your pick easily.

7 Cute Gym Bags That Are Worth Buying

Carrying a gym bag helps you to have all your gym accessories like towel, shoes, change of dress, water bottle, mobile, cards and purse/wallet in one safe place. When you shop for cute gym bags, make sure the bags not only look cute but can also meet your needs.

There are several versatile, colorful and stylish gym backs worth investing into.

Top choices for cute gym bags

1. Duffel Grip Bags

These are the most common types of bags people carry to gym. These are renowned for their functionality and there are several trendy options to choose from. Most often, these are rectangular or flat cylindrical in shape, with rigid support at the bottom. These cute gym bags feature zippers on three sides, which allow you to pack and unpack bulky items like gym shoes, towels, etc. with ease. The bags also have smaller pouches to store tiny valuables, mobiles and wallets.

2. Satchel Gym Bags

These are often called ‘messenger bags’. These are also rectangular in shape with a zipper on top and a flap that covers the front side from the top of the bag. This flap is usually fixed with a Velcro, snaps or buckles. These cute gym bags are available in different colors and styles specific to men and women. Some of them even have long straps for you to hang them around your shoulders.

3. Backpacks for Gym

There are innumerable variations in backpacks with countless choices of styles and colors. However, the most apt bags for gym would be the ones with light load design having separate zippers for shoes, adjustable straps and more.

4. Stylish Backsacks

These are cute gym bags made of fabric featuring toggles and drawstring necks to close them. The string straps allow you to wear them around your shoulders similar to backpacks. Backsacks are stylish, functional, and at the same time, very cost-effective. This gives you the option of owning many bags in different colors to keep changing your style.

5. Discreet Gym Bags

Discreet bags are typically used by women. They are made of materials that are best for gym use – such as nylon, polyester and synthetic. They look like handbags, which is why these are popular choices among women. If you wish to have a fashionable look, the discreet bags are your ideal pick.

6. Tote Gym Bags

Tote leather bags are considered to be the cute gym bags among posh people. These bags give the feel and look of sophistication. However, you would require a big bag to carry your gym shoes and towel.

7. Miscellaneous Bags

While some are particular about bags exclusively designed for the gym, some others would be happy enough to use a hiker backpack or a patchwork backpack to take to the gym. Miscellaneous bags like voyager bags, black bag series, and armor bags can also be one of your choices to pack your gym essentials.

While you look for cute gym bags, make sure you do not compromise on the functionality and convenience aspects. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide to invest in a good quality bag.