What are online games? As the name implies: a game that is “online”, meaning: playing on the internet. The range of flash or browser games ranges from the multiplayer mode of many computer games to completely virtual games in which thousands of players can act simultaneously. Naturally, the most diverse genres are to be found under the term “online games”. From simple jigsaw puzzles to the huge online world that never stops, and where you can even earn real money, it’s all there.

All in all, online games have both advantages and disadvantages, which will be explained below: Online games require an existing Internet connection. This costs (depending on the tariff) more or less money. Flatrates are now commonplace, so that only a few people are interested in this point: whose internet connection is still billed after minutes, whose gaming pleasure may be expensive. Fortunately, there are also games for such users that you do not have to be online all the time. Flash games, for example, are played in the browser, but the game loads completely on the home computer. If you have called up the appropriate page and the game is started, you could theoretically confidently cut the Internet connection, the game would continue. Of course, these games can only be enjoyed alone. A big advantage of online games – playing against or with real people – is of course lost.

Who wants to get into the world of online games, and so far has little or no experience with computer games, which is one of the many browser games recommended, which are often also offered free of charge. A browser game runs completely on the Internet: you do not need to download anything, install anything, and apart from a current browser, there are no prerequisites for software and hardware. Browser games are with few exceptions MMOGs, the short form for “massively multiplayer online games”. English: Up to many thousands of players can play in the game at the same time, making contact with each other, and actually working together in the game – or fighting each other. How this works is different from game to game. Many browser games are strategy games or simulations, the player takes control of a village, a city, or a planet, builds that base, allies or fights with other players. Another characteristic of the browser game brings the role play more into the foreground: Here they usually take control of a single character whose fate they control, and in whose role they slip against the other players.

The multiplayer features of most computer games differ only slightly in terms of gameplay from the version for single players, except that they compete against real people instead of the computer.

And then there are the games that were planned for the online game right from the start: Most of them are MMORPGs, which are role-playing games in which thousands of players simultaneously control their character through the same game world – thus also seeing and interacting with each other can. Although these games usually cost a monthly fee, but on the other hand, this of course also provides regular support from the manufacturer, which does not want to give up its revenue. So there is something for every taste and every budget among the online games to find something.