Things You Should Know Before You Pack Up For Camping

Gone are the days when camping was a simple three-day activity which meant parking only the essentials like the tent, sleeping bag and warm clothes. Nowadays it goes beyond that which is what makes it even more fun. For instance, nowadays, there is camping around the bonfire which requires seats to be comfortable. There are more activities to engage in which require sitting, and that is why their popularity has become so widespread. They are also known as folding chairs, and they are quite lightweight with most of them weighing between 2 to five kilograms. However, with their popularity increasing day by day, it might be difficult to know the right one. Below are tips for choosing the most comfortable camping chair and also a few which we have suggested according to buyers reviews and ratings.

Factors which make the most comfortable camping chair

Frame structure and seat fabric

Although the prices vary depending on the material used for both the construction and the fabric, they matter a lot when it comes to offering you utmost comfort. The most comfortable camping chairs are made of thin but durable materials such as aluminium. In regards to the fabric used, closed cell foam padding is usually considered the most common, but if you want comfort at a lower price, nylon is a good choice.

Size and weight

Camping means that maybe once in a while you will be moving and with that being the case, the most comfortable chair for camping should be light and compact, but at the same time, you should fit in it. Therefore this is another factor you should have in mind while choosing one.

Extra accessories

Besides excellent seat fabric, structure material and portability, the most comfortable camping chair will incorporate additional features into its design such as a side table, drink holder and even storage space. This will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t have to keep on changing your position to reach your food or drink.

The most comfortable camping chairs

Alps mountaineering king kong

If you are a little bit of the plus size, then this will be the most comfortable camping chair for you because it holds up to 800 lbs. It is made of durable materials, has a proper height which allows you to quickly slide in it and can comfortably hold your cup on one of its sides.

Therma –rest trekker

Therma is one of the most comfortable camping chairs on the market right now and which fits all the criterion above except that it lacks the additional features. It doubles up as a sleeping pad and also a chair just by adjusting the slings. It is padded and is made of polyester for utmost comfort while it minimizes the burden of having to carry a separate sleeping bag.

Other camping chairs include: Coleman oversized quad chair with built-in cooler, Big Agnes helinox chair one, Kijairo dual lock folding chair, and Eureka director chair.